We’re here to help you get more out of your drum kit.

We’re passionate about helping our customers, making their lives easier and providing a friendly, convenient and professional service. We want to remove all the stress from owning a drum kit, and leave you to enjoy playing. 

Drum-Plan is the brainchild of Mark Underwood – a drummer and drum teacher who knows drum kits inside out. 

About Mark 

 With over 20 years in the industry, Mark has a real passion for everything drums. Having studied at DrumTech in London and graduating with a diploma, he went on to live work, session drumming and teaching.

It was while teaching drums that Mark had the idea for Drum Plan as he wanted to pass on his expertise and knowledge of drums – not just to his students but to everyone. He wants to help as many people as possible develop a love for the drums.

Mark explains: “Drum-Plan is driven from my passion for getting drum kits sounding as good as they possibly can. Having played on countless different kits over the years – in in schools, rehearsal studios, music venues and students’ homes – I’m shocked and saddened at the condition of some of them.

“Most people don’t have the know-how to set up, maintain and repair drum kits. Even if you can work out which part you need, and find the time to get to a drum shop to buy it, the actual fitting of it can be pretty daunting. So I wanted to create a simple and easy way to help people keep their drums looking and sounding great but without any of the hassle.

“Our core business value is support. We support parents, schools, rehearsal studios and music venues – helping to keep their kits in top condition, safe in the knowledge that support is always there for them.

“Teaching is still dear to my heart, and I passionately feel that music education is of paramount importance. So we give schools a 20% discount on all our services and equipment. School drum kits are in constant use and need a lot of attention – I want everyone to enjoy a great sound and a fantastic playing experience.”