Touring, recording and gigging can take its toll on your drum kit. Whether it’s being played every day or once a week there can be a conglomeration of problems, small discrepancies and faults that can occur. To help ensure that your drum kit is always performing at its best, our team at Drum-Plan offer a range of maintenance plans that are perfect for professional and amateur drummers.

Our drum kit maintenance plans in Oxford will provide you with everything you need to confidently tour and gig to your heart’s content. Being in a band means you’ll have plenty of costs to pay for. Guitars, microphones and more kit need to be serviced too. That’s why our drum kit maintenance plans are great: you’ll be able to shape a custom one or choose from our Basic, Pro or VIP plans.

We’re on hand to help you across Oxford and London to bring you drum kit maintenance that will keep you playing to your best. Our team of experts understand drum kits inside out and will work hard to leave your drum kit in a spotless and fresh condition. Take a closer look at our Basic, Pro and VIP packages to decide which one is applicable for your drum kit.

If you’d like to find out more about our drum kit maintenance in Oxford, speak to our experts today.