If your child is embarking on their musical adventure and you’re supporting them all the way, you’ll want to ensure they’ve got their equipment in order and working professionally. We work with parents whose children and teenagers are moving through their drum levels by fixing, repair and replacing drum kits in Reading.

Our team at Drum Plan work across Reading and Oxford to provide an exceptional service for every child and parent we speak to. We make sure that whatever your drum kit requires, we’ll make sure that it plays great every time. This is vitally important for any exam because you need to have confidence in your drum kit before you begin.

So, what do you need from our team of experts at Drum Plan?

  • Kit installations: If you’re treating your son or daughter to a new drum kit, make sure you’ve had it professionally installed. Our team will assemble the drum kit and tune it to your needs.
  • Shopping service: This is a precursor to the kit installation, you need a new kit for your child and you don’t know where to look. We’ll balance your budget and your requirements to help you find the right drum kit.
  • Servicing plans: We have a range of servicing plans that will help improve the quality of your son or daughter’s drum kit. Replacements and a general clean up will be offered.

To find out more about our team at Drum Plan, get in contact with us today.