After a particularly strenuous tour or a gig that has finally left you looking at your drum kit with worry lines forming on your forehead, you’ll want to know your drum kit is in safe hands. By choosing to work alongside our team at Drum-Plan, we can help you with our drum kit refurbishment in Surrey which will clean, replace and replenish your whole kit.

We understand and emphasise with your situation. You won’t have perhaps planned for the maintenance costs that come with owning a drum kit, but our maintenance plans are set out to battle against that. Our drum kit refurbishment in Surrey will bring your drum kit back to you in a pristine condition with everything setup for your next gig.

Our team of experts at Drum-Plan have curated three distinct levels to our service plans which aim to provide you with different variations of our service. From the Basic level through to the Pro and VIP tiers, we’re certain that you’ll find a drum kit service plan to suit your budgets and your needs.

Not only do we provide these drum kit refurbishments in Surrey as plans, but we’re on hand to help you with a one-off drum kit service that will take 90 minutes.

If you’d like to discover more about the contents of our drum kit refurbishments in Surrey, get in contact with our team today.