Whether you’re in a heavy rock band, a smooth jazz outfit or you’re a part of an indie group, your drum kit is one of the main foundations of your sound. The importance of that sound staying consistent and performing to the best of its ability with every gig is paramount. At Drum-Plan we’re chosen by drum kit owners who want to bring it back to full health.

Our drum kit tuning comes as standard with all of our service plans at Drum-Plan and we understand how quickly and easily your drum kit can begin to wane. There are plenty of reasons for this, but our service plans will help to correct any discrepancies and make sure you’ve got a fully tuned drum kit ready to use.

Professional drum kit tuning tailored to your needs.

We work across Reading, Oxford and London to provide drum kit tuning that can be called upon whenever you need it. Our three drum kit plans, Basic, Pro and VIP, are all designed to provide you with consistent support for your drum kit when it’s required. Featuring a full drum kit tuning service and the replacement of parts.

If you’d like to invest in the future of your drum kit with our team at Drum-Plan, speak to us today.