It’s Time To Invest

“Can I get a drum kit” may not be the words that most parents want to hear, but hear us out!

So, your child has expressed an interest in drums, and you can no longer ignore their request. You have tried to put it off for as long as you can, but it’s no good, the idea has been planted. They have watch drummers before, and now it’s their turn to become the next Phil Collins. Don’t tell me; it was the chocolate advert with the drumming Gorilla that did it?

You have done some research, but are at a complete loss as to where to begin. Well, fear not, we have a personal drum kit shopping service called “Find My Kit” to make your life much easier.

We help our clients choose the perfect drum kit for their needs.
Our first step is to have a consultation with the buyer. By doing this, it gives us an idea of who will be playing the kit, the space that will be available to house the drums and of course, the big one, the customers budget.
We guide you through the different sizes of drum kits available, what exactly you’ll need and the choice of finishes. The choice of finish will always depend on what manufacturer and kit you have chosen.

We can either arrange a personal consultation with you or if you prefer we can exchange ideas over email.
Once you are happy with your decision, we will order the kit. Upon delivery, we will arrange an installation date to deliver and build the drum kit. We leave you with a drum kit to be proud of, and that’s right for your needs.

Don’t Let Noise Put You Off

I think it’s fair to say the whole noise factor automatically puts parents off of drum kits, which is a shame, particularly these days. Thankfully the days of egg boxes on walls trying to absorb as much sound as possible is over! If this a real concern to you, don’t let it put you off, we can install some special drumheads (skins) that will drastically reduce the sound of the drums. “But what about the cymbals?” don’t worry, the solution is to invest in a set of low volume cymbals, that, surprisingly sound good! These new products are game-changers, making owning a drum-set more within reach for people living in semi-detached or terrace housing than ever before.

Is It A Passing Phase? We Have A Solution

Still apprehensive? Don’t want to commit just yet? If so, why don’t you consider hiring a kit from us for a trial period and see how they get on. We can supply you a basic set-up so you can gauge if the potential future investment will be worth it. These longer trial kit hires are cheaper than our standard hire prices as listed on our website (minimum rental period applies). If you feel this might be a better solution in the short term for you, please get in touch and we will discuss some options with you.

For more information on our drum kit shopping service or any of our other services, please click on the links.