Throughout your drum kit’s lifespan, it will be loaded, unloaded, knocked over, played and tampered with most days. Whether you’re touring a lot or practicing every day, your drum kit will eventually require servicing and repairing to bring it back to the highest standard. To ensure your drum kit keeps performing it can benefit to enrol on a servicing plan.

At Drum-Plan we’re a leading drum kit repair team in Berkshire that understand exactly what you’re looking for when you hand over your prized possession to us. That’s why we offer three distinct drum kit repair plans in Berkshire that will revitalise your drum kit’s performance. If you’re wondering what these plans are, take a look below at what they can offer you:

  • Basic: An ideal accompaniment to any drum kit is maintenance and clean-up. The Basic package will include all the main checks and the replacement of the batter drumheads you need to keep your drum kit looking and playing perfectly.
  • Pro: Chosen by most of our customers, the Pro package ensures your drum kit is rejuvenated each time it comes to us. Cleaning, tuning and replacement batter drumheads are all included for you.
  • VIP: As our finest refurbishment plan you will receive everything we offer in our Pro package but with the addition of all resonant drumheads and a hardware clean.

If you’d like to find out more about our drum kit repair in Berkshire, get in contact with us today.