The big investment is complete – you’ve got yourself a new drum kit. You’re ready to get started and begin improving, aren’t you? Not quite. That big box of drum kit pieces, accessories and instructions will look close to impossible to assemble without taking a whole day off or skipping the confusing sections.

There is, however, a better way when you choose Drum Plan. Our drum kit installations in London are perfectly devised to help you turn that box of mixed-up drum pieces into a fully-fledged and tuned drum kit that’s ready for use. We have been helping to assemble new drum kits for band members, adults who have bought a kit for their child as well as those who have invested in their first drum kit recently.

Choose our drum kit installations in London to skip the boring part

We all want to get started and get playing out drum kit when we buy it. To give you the best chance of doing this, we will visit your property to remove all the packaging professionally, fully assemble it and ensure it’s tuned to your requirements.

For just £60 you can turn that bulky box of parts into your new drum kit. We give you the best chance to transform your drum kit without any hassle at all.

Get in contact with our team to find out more about our service in London.