Over any period of time that you’ve been playing your drum kit, there will be a number of small damages that won’t make a big difference to the way your drum kit plays, but these can easily develop into something bigger. Whether you’re a budding band player, you’ve recently got a second-hand kit for your child or you just haven’t got time to do it yourself, let us perform our professional drum kit refurbishments in Surrey.

At Drum Plan we’re chosen for our professional services that will transform how your drum kit sounds and looks. We’re passionate about offering a rounded service to each of our customers no matter if they’re looking for a one-off refurbishment or a regular service. If you’re wondering how our drum kit refurbishment in Surrey can help to upgrade your kit, here are three prongs to our expert service:

  • 90-minute turnaround: Our service is suited to help you if you need an instant service or a regular refurbishment. You’ll be recommended which parts may need to be replaced.
  • Tidy and clean: Along with the refurbishment, our team will clean and ensure your drum kit looks great from every angle.
  • Full kit tune: To ensure that your drum kit is ready to go following the refurbishment, our team will tune it to your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about our drum kit refurbishment in Surrey, speak to our team today.