Everyone loves a saving. With lot’s of things to afford these days, we all welcome the chance of a discount. With Drum-Plan membership you will get exactly that, a 10% discount on all of your future services with us.

It can’t be much fun being a drum, being hit constantly takes its toll. If you are an owner of a drum kit, it is no surprise that regular maintenance will be needed.

By becoming a member of Drum-Plan you can sit back, relax and be safe in the knowledge that an expert is only a click away. What’s even better is the fact you will save 10% every time we visit.

Membership is absolutely free. No sign on fee or monthly payment involved. We simply give you one of our membership cards and every time we service your kit, you save!

We believe customer care is the single most important side for any business and Drum-Plan prides itself on building a strong relationship with our customers. Being there to support you when you need us is what we are all about.

Your saving will even be passed onto any equipment you buy from us such as cymbal stands, drumsticks and other bits.

For more information on our drum kit service plans, drum kit installations or our drum tuning service please click on the links.

To book a service today, use our simple online booking form. If you have a query regarding your drum kit or one of our services, please get in touch.

We’ll see you soon!

** Please note that membership does not apply to our drum kit hire service**