Preparation is one of the most important aspects of anything we do in life. You wouldn’t run without stretching, you wouldn’t start cooking without the right ingredients and you wouldn’t boil a kettle without the prospect of teabags. The same goes for your drum kit when a gig is approaching because, bereft of a fully-tuned drum kit, your sound can easily become lacklustre.

To ensure that every hit is crisp and clear, you’ll want to prepare your drum kit in the best way. Our drum kit tuning in Reading at Drum Plan is chosen by band members and freelancer drummers who want to keep their drum kit in the best condition. If you’re wondering how you can ensure your drum kit maintains the highest standards, check out what our Pro service plan can offer you:

  • Full kit tune: You’ll have your drum kit taken care of with our professionals. We’ll retune your drum kit to ensure that every hit feels good and sounds better. This comes as standard in all our packages.
  • Refit drumheads: When you choose Drum Plan and our Pro package you’ll have your drum heads refitted professionally.
  • A full hardware check: Our team know how to spot small mistakes and discrepancies in your hardware and will make sure it’s up to standard.

If you’d like to find out more about our drum kit tuning services in Reading, get in contact with us today.