It’s easy to let drum kits fall into a state of disrepair during their time with us. They’re fiddly to carry, time-consuming to tune and cumbersome to transport, so you can be forgiven for looking around for professional drum kit servicing in London that can help you. At Drum-Plan we’ve created a range of service plans that will keep your whole setup looking and playing great.

If you’re wondering what our drum kit servicing in London involves, we’ve provided you with three important features of our service plans. Not only will these help to retain the quality of your drum kit, but give you the confidence to use our service whenever you need it:

  • A full kit tune: Our service provides you with a full kit tune as standard and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more suitable than ours at Drum Plan. Included in all three of our packages, this is a vital component in our servicing plans.
  • Hardware check and clean: Don’t let your drum kit become clogged by dust, dirt and more. We’ll provide a professional cleaning service of your drum kit each time.
  • Highest quality materials: We source our replacement drumheads from reputable brands such as Remo or Evans to ensure your drum kit setup is of the best quality.

To discover more about our drum kit servicing in London, get in contact with us today.