There’s no telling when your drum kit is going to become damaged, worn or the sound starts to fade. You can try your best to keep it in good shape, but sometimes it can only be handled by experts that understand how to rejuvenate a full drum kit to your specific requirements. At Drum-Plan we’re dedicated to offering full and swift drum kit restoration.

Combining our experience in working with drum kits along with our use of the highest quality materials, we’re certain that you’ll find the right solutions with our team at Drum-Plan. Whatever condition your drum kit is in, we can recommend you joining one of our drum kit restoration packages to help keep your set looking and playing its best.

Here are three ways our Pro service package can help you:

  • Replacements of cymbal felts and sleeves: After reviewing your drum kit we’ll decide the best line of action. Usually your cymbal felts and sleeves will need replacing to bring them up to standard.
  • Tuning for the whole kit: We’ll work to make sure that everything is suited to your requirements before handing it back to you. Our team will tune the kit after we’ve completed all other tasks to ensure it hits your expectations.
  • Drumheads: We’ll give you a new snare batter and three tom tom batter drumheads for you to use immediately.

To find out more about our drum kit restoration and how you can benefit from our Pro package, get in contact with us today.