Every song and each band practice you have with your drum kit will add to the wear and tear of it during its lifetime. Regular maintenance is required to keep it looking and performing well, but what about when you’ve left this by the wayside for too long?

We provide drum kit refurbishments in Berkshire at Drum-Plan which will offer you everything you need in a neat and professional service plan. To make sure that every customer we deal with is confident in our services, we have listed everything that’s included in our service and refurbishment plans on our website.

When you choose Drum-Plan as your destination for your drum kit refurbishment in Berkshire, we’ll help you bring your whole kit back into a professional and gig-ready condition. Choose from our drum kit refurbishment service plans in Berkshire to ensure that your kit sounds and feels great once more. We have Basic, Pro and VIP service plans which come with varying levels of replacement parts included.

Our drum kit refurbishment can be called upon on a regular basis or as a one-off service, but you can be sure that you’ll hear a quality sound following our work at Drum-Plan.

To find out more about our drum kit refurbishment in Berkshire, get in contact with us.