To ensure our kit continues to perform at its very best – and to make the most of our potential as drummers – it’s vital that you regularly clean, maintain and refurbish your drum kit. If you’re looking to devolve this responsibility to someone that understands exactly how to perform all the relevant checks on your kit, choose Drum Plan.

We’re chosen for our drum kit refurbishments in London that will ensure every hit and each sound is crisp and clear. There’s no single way to do this, but our team will call upon a checklist which will guarantee to return a clean and fully-functional drum kit to you.

How does our drum kit refurbishment in London work?

As our name suggests, we provide a plan for your drum kit refurbishments. At Drum Plan we can make sure that you have something to fall back upon. Whenever you’re in the need of a regular maintenance check, upgrade or a complete refurbishment, you can call our team at Drum Plan.

Working across London, we’re able to perform drum kit refurbs that will keep your drum kit looking and playing at its best. Whether you’re in a band, your child has been relentlessly using their drum kit or you’re looking to restore your old set, we can help you.

Get in contact to discover more about our drum kit refurbishment plans in London.